St. Peter's Lutheran Church

On November 18, 2007, the congregation of St. Peter's Lutheran Church celebrated their 110th Anniversary. This gallery contains photographs and documents of some of the highlights of St. Peter's history.

St. Peter's Today

Our congregation

The Altar

This stained glass was taken from the old church when the new church was built in 1967

St. Peter's 1907

This is a typewritten history of St. Peter's from 1907

This is the original handwritten history that the typed manuscript was taken from.

St. Peter's 1925

In 1925, St. Peter's celebrated its 25th Anniversary by publishing a history of the church.

St. Peter's 1967

The Lutheran Witness reported on St. Peter's ground breaking ceremony held in April 1967

Members of the Walther League helped out

In November of 1967 St. Peter's celebrated their 70th Anniversary

Do YOU have old photos or other material from St. Peter's? If you do and would like to submit them for use on this website please contact Larry Rickert. All original material submitted will be copied and returned to you. Thanks!

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